08 March 2013

Joceylicious e-boutique

Joceylicious e-boutique - Joyful fashion for every occasion.
An online boutique in town. You can now shop online without stepping out from your house. 

An online boutique which just launched half year ago. 
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What we have in the store? 
Inspired ASOS, Zara, Topshop, H&M & Forever 21 clothing. 
Inspired Alexander McQueen clutch. 
Bags & clutch for every occasion, you name it, we have it. =)
Ready stock accessories with affordable price! 

All items are from Southeast Asia. Customers can receive their items within 10 - 14 days (excluding weekend & public holiday) after the closing date. 

For ready stock, pay today deliver tomorrow! (✿◠‿◠)

 Inspired dress. For more, please check out our Facebook Fans Page.

  These are the ready stock items! 
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01 August 2012

Dear August

Dear August, 

Please be awesome!
Please be great one!
Please be different!


17 July 2012


2 things in life: 

1) If it makes you happy, do it. 
2) If it doesn't, don't

With love,
Jocelyn, xoxo

Along the way to Malacca

Yeah, I had been looking forward to the trip since last month (I know I know it was just Malacca BUT I just wanted to get away from KL temporally!) once my friend (Audrey Yy) decided to celebrate her birthday here in Malacca. We supposed to stay in Avillion or Holiday Inn (I couldn't recall!) which has the infinity pool, unfortunately all fully booked.

We headed to A Famosa Water World once we touched down. It wasn't up to my expectation at all, I was pretty disappointed as most of their riders were poorly maintained and there was nothing much for us to play. (boohoo, boring!) Beside that, their service sucks, no smile from the stuffs as though we owed them a billion bucks or we were the freaking murderer of their family. *pissed* 

Went to Jonker Street for 3 freaking times until I got sick of it especially the 3rd time, we were like - "Walao, here again meh?!" haha. 

Well, massive crowd at the Jonker street, walked like a hamburger (Don't understand? Go figure it our yourself slowly). Not to mention the jam in Malacca was insanely horrible! We spent almost half an hour to round and round in town. 

Kay, throw aside the  massive crowd and jam, I love the yummylicious food in Jonker Street such as cendol, sausage, chicken rice, nyonya food as well as their cheap & leng stuffs. We always left with our bloated tummies. :D

First day
We took many selcas when we were on the way. :D
By the way, I know most of us usually like to use the word "camwhore", but do u know the real definition of it?

"Camwhore - Anyone, male or female, who is addicted to taking countless pictures of themselves to post on the internet. Pictures range from conservative face shots to explicit nude photos complete with visible sex acts. A camwhole may reach the status of such internet fame that they can begin CHARGING for the privilege of viewing their pictures."

"Selca - A self-cam picture; a collection of picture of oneself."

So, don't use the wrong word ya!   (►.◄)

My poor lil ducky got tortured from my boy friend.

This is our 3rd trip together.

5ive of us: Moi, Genji, Yy, Wee Sern, Darling. The rest arrived at night.

Ahem, he was f*cking the... *dut dut...18SX*

We rented this bungalow for 3 days 2 nights @ A' Famosa Resort. It has 3 rooms with 2 toilets and a private pool. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get into the pool because it was quite dirty.

Before heading out to Jonker Street

Boy friend & Ah Moi

Night view.

6 pairs for RM20. Cheap isn't it?

We brought 3 cartons of beer and 2 bottles of liquor. Let's "play drink drank drunk." We had a mission on that night, it was - MAKE Yy to get drunk. Unsuccessfully, our mission FAILED.

Notice my new iPhone cover? I bought it for RM16 ONLY. Cheap!

The birthday gal. Happie birthday to you. Hope you had a blessed birthday. =)

Second day
Took this picture upstairs "Famosa Chicken Rice Ball 古城鸡饭粒. (✿◠‿◠) 

Seok Yee. Moi. Genji

Third day
Went to Jonker 88 had their famous cendol after our lunch @ Nancy's Kitchen. You guys should try Nancy's Kitchen as it's famous with nyonya food.

Nyonya food, chicken rice & cendols.

Overall it was a pretty good trip with kawan-kawan.  I am looking forward for the coming trips, perhaps Langkawi and Penang for sure. 

Now, back to reality and have "Monday blues" everydaydayday... 

With love,
Jocelyn, xoxo

16 July 2012

Ladies only

Got dragged to Zouk very last minute while all the guys were having fun playing poker at home and all the girls went to Zouk berpaty-party. ≧◔◡◔≦ 

  I have been a good girl of not going out berpaty-party for at least 2 months. I still remember I posted in Facebook that I wanted to go party eagerly as my backside itchy!

Eu gene was surrounded with all the chicks :D

Ah moi. I usually don't like to take picture with my right angle because I look fat and fugly @(ᵕ.ᵕ)@

Seok Yee & moi

Girls only

Smokin hot Genji!

The camera full of our pictures. haha.
The couple (I guess so) pulled to dance together-gether and ambil gambar. #sorandom

When it's time to party, I will party hard. (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

With love,
Jocelyn, xoxo